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  1. msmudge added a topic in Shopping Lists   

    Store allocation of new pantry items.
    When adding new items to the shopping list that are not in the pantry, they become a one-time item.
    What is it that specifies which store it will not be added to in the list? I added some new one-time items earlier and they automatically assigned to a particular store that I rarely shop in. 
    Thanks for your help.
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  2. msmudge added a post in a topic Menu Planner 4.0 now available!   

    Yes definitely. A desktop version would sort my iPad 1 compatibility problems. I'd be much happier to pay good money for a decent desktop app rather than have to buy an iPad to not have to do the heavy lifting work on my iPhone. That way I can go back to using my iPhone just for reference or making small adjustments. 
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  3. msmudge added a post in a topic Suggestion - Group Feature in Pantry   

    If you go to filters in the pantry view you can select groups by either shopping groups or categories. It will eliminate all the other categories while you do this, but it is quite easy to work through the list in the filter view of the pantry making it easier to find items. 
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  4. msmudge added a post in a topic Menu Planner 4.0 now available!   

    Thanks for the update it looks great. But it has just caused me a major financial issue. The reason for this is I am still on a 1st gen iPad which I always used menu planner on as it is much easier on the larger screen. The syncing then allowed me to use it in store on my iPhone to do the shop.
    The older version on my iPad is not syncing anymore, so can I go back to the old version on my iPhone as I'm not going to be able to afford to buy a newer iPad to carry on using menu planner as I used to?
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  5. msmudge added a topic in Shopping Lists   

    Please can we have a camping and caravaning list feature.
    I am a caravanner, and have just been planning the meals for our holiday next week. But the problem that I'm finding is that I need to also make sure that once all the food is bought, that it all makes it to the caravan. Some items already in the cupboard will need to be taken along too.

    Currently the only way to make a list for these items in the app is to make a shopping list. The thing is that making a list of stuff to take away with you in this way can interfere with any ongoing meal planning/lists. Of course there are other apps to make generic lists in, but it would be so much more easier and more efficient to do it within Menu Planner.

    I think it will need to work in a similar way to and alongside the calendar import in the current shopping list feature, where you start a caravan/camping list and select the days that you will be away to collate the items. It will also be good for ensuring that the correct cooking equipment and tools are taken.

    Appreciating that not all people will want this feature I think it will be a good idea to have it selectable in the settings.

    Hope this is a good idea. What do people think?
    I have taken the liberty to set up a poll to gauge interest.
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